About Me
I'm a print-slash-web designer in Silicon Valley. My most recent job was for an electronic tool manufacturer (Zircon). Other jobs have included a design agency (Coakley-Heagerty), a high-end lingerie retailer (Bra Smyth), an Australian Importer (Australian Products Co.), and a print store. I've also worked on a variety of freelance and volunteer gigs. In all cases I've been either part of a very small design team, or the sole designer responsible for all the company's print, web, and marketing work.

I'm part of the 113th graduating class of Cogswell Polytechnical College, with a BA in computer graphics.

E-mail my Yahoo (read: spam fodder) account at hibrydks@yahoo.com. I'll get back to you ASAP!

Print vs. Web?
At all my previous jobs I've been fortunate to work on both. They each have their own benefits: print design will end up as a tangible product, while web design can be instantly delivered to the world. Both require equal parts artistic sense and technical expertise. They're both immensely satisfying for very different reasons.

This content is all protected by copyright laws. There are several companies represented here with their own trademarks; I can display my work for them as portfolio examples.